Many drivers fuss about their suspension and transmission systems so much that they tend to forget about that one thing on their dash that significantly affects Steering: the wheel. Do you still feel comfortable grasping the wheel or has it been a source of discomfort for quite a long time? Is it still a comely feature of your interior or is it already rusty, chipped or tattered? If the wheel's in bad shape, then no matter how much you tinker with the shocks and the tranny, driving just won't feel that good.

Steering wheels get beat up over time and there comes a point when they must be replaced to improve vehicle performance and appearance. For instance, the wheel can get increasingly hard to turn. While there are many possible reasons for this-from warped brake rotors to improper wheel alignment-if you've had your wheel for a long time, then it might be contributing to the problem. Typically though, drivers replace their wheels when they've just become eye sores due to age and advanced state of deterioration. Good thing removing your existing wheel is easy if you use a specialized puller tool that takes care of the job in seconds.

So what do you replace your old Steering Wheel with? Going for an aftermarket wheel is a good choice as aftermarket wheels are made of very durable materials that last a long time. Many of them are meticulously designed to correspond to OE specs, so you have nothing to worry about the fit. But the best advantage of all is the price. Since aftermarket wheels are much more affordable than OE ones, you can save a whole lot of cash on wheel replacement. Many of these wheels also come with all the pieces of mounting hardware necessary, so installation is a breeze.

When choosing a wheel for your car, make sure that the grip is nothing less than perfect. Wheels are made of different materials, like polyurethane, wood and aluminum, so carefully choose something that doesn't slip regardless if it's covered or not. Pay attention to the design's ergonomics, too. A wheel filled with spokes may look very creative and stunning but it may prevent you from easily Steering the wheel. Also, check its compatibility with existing features of your car such as the horn switch and airbag module among others. Finally, wheels are available in different colors. While you can go for something that pops out of the dash, in general, it's best to go for a wheel that complements your interior's color.

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