Zimmermann Coated Car Parts & Accessories

A lot of Zimmermans are known in world history. There's a historian, a ceramic artist, a figure skater, a cyclist, and an iconographer. You also have a philosopher, a magician, a computer game designer, an actor, and a lot more. In fact, there was also a Zimmerman mentioned in a John Lennon song. This just goes to say that people who bear the name, which in German translates as "carpenter," are usually important and influential. In the automotive world, there is namesake known to be an authority, especially when it comes to the braking system-Zimmermann, the brand responsible for superb Zimmermann Coated braking components.

If you're driving a European car, chances are, you have products from the brand installed in your ride. You see, it is a renowned marquee in all of Europe. However, its expertise isn't limited to the Old World. In fact, in an effort to expand its horizons, the German company launched a production program that entailed more than 1,500 different brake and engine components being sold in more than 60 different countries worldwide. Meanwhile, its production facilities and warehousing space was relocated from Eppingen to Sinsheim and now spans over 17.000 square meters.

The company is best known for crafting top-of-the-line Zimmermann Coated brake discs and brake drums, two staple parts that make your braking system more stable and more efficient. If you install these items, you can be sure the performance of your braking system will be bolstered. Products from the brand are made using tough materials, with the technology behind their construction being advanced and accurate. Zimmerman has computer-controlled robots and drilling machines to ensure each of its products is made perfectly to the tiniest detail. Zimmermann Coated brake discs and brake drums are made to withstand untimely wear and tear and meet or even exceed the expectations of car owners.

Want your braking system to be effective at all times, then allowing you to stop when and where you want to stop? Then, equip it only with the right parts. You can purchase Zimmermann Coated brake discs and brake drums here at Parts Train. Just browse our expansive and easy-to-use online catalog to locate these top-quality braking parts, which remain a popular choice among cautious drivers.