Xenon Grille Guard & Accessories

You cannot deny the fact that the protection of vital parts donned at the front end of your vehicle is a top priority. And the most practical solution you can consider is by employing a grille guard. This front steel shield gives you confidence in driving, erasing your worry on those unwanted contacts like stray tree branches hitting the front, or on those accidental bumps during heavy traffic or harsh weather conditions. One of the finest grille guards today is the Xenon grille guard. This good offering boasts features that competitors try to emulate. Basically, the Xenon Grille Guard undergoes exacting processes and tests to ensure durable construction. It is usually made of chrome or powder-coated steel tubing to go against rust and corrosion; while its framing is donned with heavy duty steel uprights with durable rubber push pads and tubular crossbars to give extra strength to withstand minor impacts due to unwanted collisions. Aside from that, it is welded skillfully to make sure it can bear the weight of the winch or any auxiliary lights. Finishes are offered in universal black; chrome plated or polished steel. You can expect also a hassle-free installation since it comes with all necessary software and hardware materials that includes a service manual to guide the owner in the installation process. Now, to secure the Xenon grille guard in the fastest time possible, you must try our offer. Our online ordering system boasts a fast, easy, as well as secured process. You can also contact our always ready customer service representatives if you want to know more about the product. On the other hand, if you are seeking auto parts other than a grille guard, you can browse through our online catalog that provides a complete list of auto part products. We assure you that all items we supply are of genuine since we get them straight from their manufacturers. Make your order now and make your vehicle so protected at the front and at the same time enjoy its new look.