Xenon Door Moulding & Accessories

Small or cramped parking spaces can be a problem as it's easy to hit your door at other cars parked in the area. When other people get in their cars, the same thing can happen; their door can hit your parked car. It's easy to have your doors get scratched or dinged in this situation. One thing you can put on your car door to keep it safe from damage is a door moulding. This is an elongated strip of plastic or rubber that is glued or taped on the sides of your door. It serves as a buffer for minor impacts on your car door. Aside from the protection it offers, you can also use door mouldings to customize the look of your vehicle. For a door moulding that can offer both protection and styling, we recommend the Xenon door moulding.

Regarding protection, Xenon door mouldings are made from polyurethane. Polyrethane is hard enough to serve as a buffer for your car doors. Polyurethane is also flexible, making it easier to press down and smoothen on the door's surface during installation. In terms of installation, proper fit and length of the door moulding is assured. This is because Xenon parts are designed to work specifically with a particular car model. This attention to detail simplifies and facilitates the whole installation process.

With style, you have nothing to worry about with the Xenon door mouldings. Xenon is company that makes its living creating fabulous and impressive designs for customization products. It exists to manufacture parts that make your car look good. It offers body styling kits, grilles, fender flares, air scoops and of course, door mouldings. And as Xenon parts are made with a specific model in mind, you're certain that any Xenon part blends well with your vehicle's overall appearance.

Why wait until your car door gets dinged or scratched? Get the Xenon door moulding here at Parts Train. Select your vehicle year and model to check out the Xenon door moulding that we have for you. Order now online, or call us. Start protecting and styling your car door with the Xenon door moulding.