Westin Nerf Bars & Accessories

What makes a Westin nerf bar better than the rest? It all comes down to quality control. A Westin nerf bar is built right here in the U.S.A. on computer-controlled equipment. That ensures that every seam and weld on your Westin nerf bar is in exactly the right place. Tolerances on the Westin nerf bar are closer than on any of their competition, and you can see the difference when you compare a Westin nerf bar with a lesser bar from another manufacturer. It's no surprise that a Westin nerf bar is so well-made. After all, Westin has been in the truck accessories business for ages, so they know what the trouble points are before they design a new Westin nerf bar. That knowledge allows them to tackle problems in the Westin nerf bar before they occur. One the Westin SUV nerf bar is up to spec, it gets a thick, tough coating of chrome or powder coat to keep things sealed up for the long run. A complete hardware kit and well-written instructions finish the job, and your Westin nerf bar is ready to ship. We're proud to carry a full Westin nerf bar selection, and we carry them at the lowest wholesale prices available anywhere.