Westin Brush Guard & Accessories

The Westin name has been synonymous with high-quality truck accessories for decades, and the Westin brush guard lives up to its reputation. Constructed of extra heavy-duty tubing, a Westin brush guard is designed to fully protect the front of your vehicle from damaging limbs, debris, and suburban hazards like runaway lawnmowers. Various finishes are available in the Westin brush guard line, and your Westin brush guard will fit the contours of your vehicle perfectly. A Westin grille brush guard comprises the push bar that fits over the grille aperture as well as the headlight covers that protect your headlight assemblies. Westin sells the headlight covers separately for those of you who bought a Westin brush guard without them, or you can buy your Westin brush guard complete with the headlight brush guard assemblies in place. It's your choice, and it's your custom Westin brush guard. When you buy a Westin brush guard from us, it's not free. Every Westin brush guard we sell is available at our famous wholesale pricing, which is practically free. What is free is the shipping on your Westin brush guard. You won't find a better deal, so order a Westin brush guard today.