Westar Car Parts & Accessories

Westar has maintained its strong commitment in serving the automotive aftermarket for the last one and half decades. It started as an overseas marketing support of a family manufacturing unit. Over the years, it has established its name as one of the leader in supplying large and diversified automotive parts and heavy duty truck parts. Because it has been successful in incorporating distribution and manufacturing, it has provided every customer with high quality-controlled automotive products and still has been constantly developing new products that will satisfy the growing and high quality standards of all vehicle enthusiasts.

Westar manufactures quality products that are guaranteed to enhance every vehicle's road performance as well as preserving their consistency. It produces a variety of automotive drive shaft center supports, import engine and transmission mounts, domestic engine and transmission mounts, hydraulic mounts, and strut mounts. All these products are precision engineered to provide peak vehicle performance, exact fitment, and long-term durability. All its automotive equipments are meticulously constructed from the finest materials, allowing every user to gain incremental benefits from their efficiency and reliability.

Heavy-duty truck parts are widely produced by Westar such as tough suspension parts, spring brake chamber and diaphragm, drive shaft center supports, mud flaps and holders, wheel chocks and dock bumpers. All these truck parts have undergone series of testing just to ensure that all are at their peak conditions before they are released in the market. Strict quality manufacturing standards are also followed to better provide each customer that optimal satisfaction and peace of mind. With every Westar product, you bring with you world-class and superb quality automotive equipments that will last for years. All products are expected to work at their full potential all throughout their lifespan.

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