Weiand Water Pump & Accessories

More water flow for your engine is what the Weiand water pump offers you. The Weiand water pump has an action plus pump that features a stamped steel impeller that offers maximum flow of water while consuming lesser power compared to the stock pump. This dramatic reduction on horsepower use can be available to drive the wheels farther instead, allowing your vehicle to gain more acceleration and reach its top speed. This water pump by Weiand is perfect for both race and street legal applications where weight and optimum flow is a big factor in making the vehicle performance meaner and better. Weiand water pump has got stamped impeller that provides an optimum flow of water to the engine while limiting high rpm cavitation that causes water to produce bubbles. This impeller is confirmed that it won't crack, corrode, or experience fatigue that aluminum impellers do. The Weiand water pump is constructed using heavy duty shaft, bearings, seals, and all the necessary brackets and hose connections. This cooling device is specifically designed from the outset with premium features that will assure reliable and consistent engine cooling performance. They are built from the high quality standards at the Holley plant in Bowling Green, KY, and then thoroughly tested to assure leak free and efficient operation. Stock water pump consume more horsepower and is not very efficient in providing the needed water to reduce the temperature of the engine. Nevertheless, if you replace your stock pump with Weiand water pump, you will surely feel the difference in the first use. If you consider replacing your old pump, purchase your Weiand water pump only through a reliable provider like us. Start browsing our site now to find the part you need in no time. Our company also carries wide array of other auto parts as well accessories that'll surely be beneficial with your automobile.