Weiand Car Parts & Accessories

Weiand has created the first ever aluminum intake manifold back in 1937. It has been a pioneer in producing high-end intake manifolds for most vehicle makes and models. For more than thirty years in the automotive business, it has made milestones such as providing complete blower drives for GMC 6-71 supercharger. Today, it still maintains its stand to be at the forefront of intake manifold and blower development and innovation as well as manufacturing high flow water pumps. It has continuously paved it way in creating new concepts by integrating with it the most advanced technology in building high performance intake manifolds, water pumps, supercharger kits, supercharger components and accessories.

Through the years, Weiand's product line has diversified by constantly producing solutions for higher performance requirements. Upgrades are a normal trend in the automotive industry which is the result of the fast growing technology that made it possible to create more substantial and practical auto equipments features. With Weiand, traditional auto components are enhanced and transformed into a more sophisticated gear that will allow better engine performance and provide top notch road mobility. By using modern techniques in manufacturing, precision designed auto equipments are created which will perfectly fit on most vehicle makes and models.

Weiand offers a vast selection of intake manifolds that are constructed with permanent mod casting, hand polished finish, and precision CNC machined. All its intake systems are revolutionary, allowing radical departure from the ordinary, and are designed to take advantage from an optimal functioning manifold. They combine the aggressive race looks with the solid drivability of EFI. They are now available for retrofit on L-98 TPI engines and all other street/strip machines using standard cylinder heads. They also provide compatibility on most OEM and aftermarket parts.

Whether you are looking for more power for your late model vehicle or a superb performance for your street machine, look for Weiand here at Parts Train. We cater its extensive line of high quality automotive products like water pumps, intake manifolds, superchargers and kits. You can search on our online catalog and choose the right part for your vehicle.