Weapon R Car Parts & Accessories

The Weapon R's goal is to develop and create the highest quality and best performing aftermarket products that will meet with todays most sophisticated and high performance vehicles. All its products are designed mainly for all performance enthusiasts who wanted to make use of their vehicle's peak power and potential. For almost a decade in the automotive manufacturing industry, it has successfully built products that cater to a wide range of vehicle make and models ranging from intakes to engine power enhancements, exhaust to handling, and interior to exterior styling. All these are made possible through continuous feedbacks from customers and Weapon R's constantly evolving manufacturing technologies.

Weapon R remains it reputation in providing auto performance products by integrating innovative designs, cutting-edge manufacturing, and stringent quality. All its performance products are subjected to a series of testing to ensure that they deliver their peak potential as they are designed to be. Weapon R's intake system is built from countless testing and tuning of air intake velocity, airmass, and airspeed for every vehicle applications. This is done to ensure that it will perfectly run compatibly in any vehicle makes and models. Engine power is derived from all its engine and exhaust systems that are designed with precise specifications to boost the vehicle's untapped power.

Improving your vehicle's handling versatility and flexibility can be achieved with the Weapon R's functional auto gadgets like the coil over conversion kits and the strut bars. This will enable every vehicle a solid and stable mobility even through rough an irregular terrains. Aside from enhancing the vehicle's road performance, it has also created auto accessories that will provide top notch ride comfort and safety. These include seat belts, floor mat kits, racing seats and brackets, and all other gears that will contribute to a more exciting ride.

When you want your vehicle to have top notch road performance, Weapon R products are the best solution, and you can have it here at Parts Train. Its full line of auto equipments and accessories are available on our online catalog. By simply browsing it, you can select the exact part ideal for your model.