Warn Light Bar & Accessories

Are you the type of person who enjoys going on off-road trips? If you are, you surely take pride in your vehicle and thus ensure that it has the right equipment to meet the demands of your off-road adventures. One thing that's needed when going off-roads is adequate lighting. These types of trips may entail traveling at night, and having the right lighting equipment helps improve visibility and gives a clearer view of the road ahead. Recognizing the pitfalls of off-road travels, especially in the dark, Warn has created the Warn light bar to provide vehicles an extra space where additional lighting can be placed.

The light bar is an angular metallic bar mounted in front of a vehicle. It's designed to carry more lighting equipment such as halogen lamps or fog lamps. With these added components, your vehicle is given the additional lighting that it needs when traveling at night and during extreme weather conditions like rain and snow. Aside from providing an extra area for additional lights, the Warn light bar can also be used along with a front receiver to add a winch or a multi-mount winch carrier to your vehicle.

The Warn light bar measures 2" x .060" and is mechanically-welded to ensure that it fits properly into the vehicle. The light bar is powder-coated with argent, a metal similar to silver, to make it durable, thus protecting it from rusting quickly. Aside from its finish, the bar is also equipped with tube-caps. Its installation will not take much of your time because it can be connected to your vehicle in only a matter of minutes.

If off-road travel is something you enjoy, you should have the proper accessories attached to your car at all times. If you don't have the Warn light bar in your arsenal yet, it's high time you get one. Consider it as something that would help improve your chances of having a safe trip. Should you decide to finally get this bar, you can check out Parts Train. Our site has a list of all car accessories and OEM parts that are useful to auto enthusiasts like you. It's up 24 hours a day to accommodate all your shopping needs.