Warn Grille Guard & Accessories

No matter how tough your truck is, it won't stand a chance if it gets hit by debris on a regular basis. One of the areas often bombarded by elements is the vehicle's front-end. Not only can these elements damage the hood and grille, they can also harm the engine components near it. To prevent this from happening, you need to provide your front end with a component that's tough enough to withstand this type of onslaught. And the product that can help you with that is the Warn Grille Guard.The Warn Grille Guard absorbs the impact dealt by oncoming road elements. By doing this, it protects not just your vehicle's front-end, but also the other engine components near it. To help this product do a good job, Warn had it made using heavy-duty tubular steel. This grille guard is equipped with two steel uprights, two crossbars, and a set of rubber push pads. A black powder-coated finish is then applied to give it resistance against corrosion while making it look good at the same time. Finally, for a hassle-free installation, Warn incorporated a bolt-in system that allows you to easily connect the grille guard to your ride. Even if your truck is built to be tough, it's bound to incur damage every time it's hit by road debris. Not only can this ruin your ride's appearance, it can ruin your savings as well. So avoid going through all this by getting your vehicle a Warn Grille Guard from PartsTrain today.