Walker Products Oxygen Sensor & Accessories

Why do you need a Walker Products oxygen sensor? Well, modern vehicles depend on many things to ensure a satisfactory performance. High-flow air filters, sturdy timing belts, Tuftrided valves, and even clean-burn biofuels-these are just some of the things that aid the engine in getting the right air-fuel mixture and burning it efficiently. But one can never be too sure. Several other factors also affect the engine's performance even indirectly. Therefore, it would be best to use a component like Walker Products' oxygen sensor.

Auto oxygen sensors are devices installed in a vehicle's exhaust system. Depending on the kind of engine you have, your ride could have as many as eight oxygen sensors. They're usually found in each of the exhaust manifolds and down the exhaust line after the catalytic converter. Like all other oxygen sensors, the Walker Products oxygen sensor monitors the amount of oxygen left after combustion. If the air-fuel mixture is too lean, the oxygen level will be high, prompting the sensor to produce low voltage. Conversely, high voltage will be produced if the mixture is too rich. These are the information that the sensor sends to the ECU, which adjusts the air-fuel ratio accordingly.

And because O2 sensors aren't that interchangeable, Walker Products carefully crafted their O2 sensors to have OEM specifications to perfectly suit whatever applications they're for. But what really sets the Walker Products oxygen sensor from other auto oxygen sensors is that it's made by a company with over half a century of experience in manufacturing high-standard fuel system and engine management components. Now if you want to get this component from Walker Products, simply browse Parts Train catalog anytime!