Walker Products Car Parts & Accessories

Walker Products Incorporated prides itself as the world's largest privately owned fuel systems and engine management devices manufacturing company. Since 1946, Walker has been known to manufacture a vast array of auto parts and accessories. Today, it boasts an extensive catalog that continues to add more and more part categories. The company is based in California, where it has four certified ISO 9001:2008 / TS16949 plants and distribution facilities.

The company is known in the vintage car community because it distributes hard-to-find OE parts and accessories for classic makes and models. The Walker Products catalog features carburetors and ignition parts for classic vehicles. Unlike other manufacturers, Walker still has these parts in its inventory to help owners and collectors restore their vehicles. While these parts are outdated, they are manufactured using new technologies. This gives them a performance edge over their old counterparts.

Walker Products Incorporated specializes in fuel and electrical components like fuel injection repair kits, fuel injectors, fuel pressure regulators, spark plug wires, and gaskets. Through the years, Walker Products parts have also included different sensors, like oxygen sensors, throttle position sensors, air charge temperature sensors, engine coolant temperature sensors, and manifold absolute pressure sensors. Despite the company's expansion to more part categories, its expansion prospects still look promising. Walker Products plan to add more selections to its catalog in the following years.

Walker Products are widely available in the aftermarket industry. True blue engine builders can rest assured that the company will continue to manufacture products for classic and vintage automobiles. Thanks to Parts Train, you can get parts and accessories for many classic makes and models. Our site has an extensive collection of Walker Products parts at the comfort of a click. Just view our catalog and select your part orders. We will deliver your orders as fast as possible.