Walker Muffler & Accessories

The muffler is a part of your exhaust system that minimizes engine noise. You can find the muffler along the exhaust pipes, below the vehicle. It has a backbox designed to receive pressure waves and bounce them around inside the cylinders and a chamber called the resonator. Sound is cancelled when waves of equal but opposite amplitude collide with each other. If you're looking for mufflers, we suggest getting only the best. Here at Parts Train, we offer the Walker muffler as one of the best in the market.

You need the best muffler for several reasons. First, its position in the vehicle makes it prone to neglect. Being under the vehicle makes immediate inspection difficult. Therefore, you need a reliable muffler that does not require regular checking. Second, a muffler leaking due to poor quality makes your vehicle fail emission tests. Third, a faulty muffler leads to a louder vehicle, which annoys not only you and your passengers but also the people in the surrounding area.

When it comes to mufflers, Walker is the brand for you. Walker offers a complete line of premium, standard, economy line mufflers to meet different needs. The Walker Tru-Fit Universal Mufflers have tube-and-partition interior designs that provide easy and economical silencing. It features aluminized covers, bushings, and heads. Walker Quiet-Flow Mufflers are made using OE-style cross section for accurate fit and OE-style sound. This type features thicker, OE-style brackets and rods, three partition baffles, and spun-locked heads that improve structural support and integrity. Three louvered tuning tubes create topnotch acoustics, and an all-aluminized steel and CF coating deliver exceptional durability. The Walker SoundFX Muffler takes pride in its reinforced bracketed heads that improve structural support and stability. Its mechanical joints prevent spot weld breakage and flow tube buckling. It also has spot-welded bushings for higher stability and assembly support.

When you need a Walker muffler, we have it here at Parts Train. All you have to do is browse our online catalog and place your order online. If you need assistance, you can call our hotline number and be assisted by one of our friendly customer service representatives.