Walker Exhaust Heat Shield & Accessories

One of Tenneco's core brands, Walker has been developing automotive exhaust systems for over a century now. Established in 1888, it has expanded its offices and now has full-service engineering and development centers in five continents worldwide. Since its founding, Walker has been able to maintain its grip of the business and has established itself as the world's largest producer of exhaust systems for automobiles. To stay on top, the company keeps up with the changing trends in the automotive industry by manufacturing top-of-the-line exhaust components, one of which is the Walker exhaust heat shield.

The Walker exhaust heat shield is a set of metal sheets designed to cover and surround the different parts of your vehicle's exhaust system. Its primary function is to protect the other parts of your car from the constant heat given off by the exhaust assembly. The heat shield comes in two types: the top shield and the bottom shield. The top heat shield prevents heat from reaching the floor of your vehicle, while the bottom shield keeps the exhaust heat from damaging any object underneath your car. By doing so, it does not only keep the auto parts from damage but also keeps the vehicle occupants cool and comfortable.

However, due to its exposure to excessive heat and to various elements, the exhaust heat shield is also susceptible to rust and has a tendency to break loose after a time. Once this happens to your vehicle's stock heat shield, replace it with the Walker exhaust heat shield. Otherwise, the excess heat given off by the exhaust system will not be properly regulated, and this may be disastrous. This can lead to the deterioration of car parts situated near the exhaust. The exhaust heat can also cause inconvenience to you and your passengers.

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