Walker Catalytic Converter & Accessories

A Walker catalytic converter is a smart choice when it comes to replacing your old catalytic converter. Walker offers two basic styles of their Walker catalytic converter, one that is designed to be a direct replacement, mounting where the old one did for a fast and simple installation. This version of the Walker catalytic converter is made of quality stainless steel, with thicker flanges and dependable pipe and body heat shields, as well as a mounting place for an oxygen sensor. The second basic type of Walker catalytic converter is meant for custom systems, and often does require some modifications for the installation. This version is also made of high-quality stainless steel that is sure to last for a good long time and features expandable aluminized bushings. Both of these fine Walker catalytic converter types come with a great manufacturer's warranty, demonstrating the confidence that Walker has in their fine crafted catalytic converters. The Walker catalytic converter meets the legal requirements concerning emissions, even in California. Our online catalog is sure to have the right Walker catalytic for your vehicle, and it will only take a couple of minutes for you to find just what you need. If, however, you would like a little help making your selection or need further information about the Walker catalytic converter, or any other of our parts and accessories, you are welcome to make use of our 24-hour live help system, which is available through our website. Once you've arrived at your final choice and are ready to order, you can do so online without worry, as our site is secured with up-to-date encryption. If you prefer to order your Walker catalytic converter by telephone, we have a 24-hour toll-free number.