Wagner Brake Pad Set & Accessories

The Wagner brake pad set is the best replacement for your car's failing brake pad. This innovative product is known for its Thermo Quiet technology, which came about after the manufacturer combined its patented Integrally Molded Insulator and EDGE laser-shaped friction technologies. As a result, you get optimized braking performance, which consequently leads to the cancellation of noise and dissipation of heat from your braking system.

The braking power the Wagner brake pad set can provide surpasses that of your original part. That's because the product has gone under stringent manufacturing processes. To ensure high quality, the company has also inspected the raw materials used in designing the set. These include OE-match friction materials that are semi-metallic, organic, and ceramic. There are some semi-metallic applications that use ceramic alternatives for better performance. These replacement car brake parts can be used not just on your everyday car, but also for racing functions and premium loaded calipers. All components are based on OE specifications so installation, which entails remove-and-replace procedures, is easy.

Among the first to alarm a cautious driver is a thinning brake pad, especially the one located in front. That's because the front brakes are the first circuit of the ultimate collision defense mechanism of a car. At the first sign of damage, replacement should be done. And the best choice remains to be the Wagner brake pad set. This technologically advanced aftermarket part can easily be acquired from Parts Train. It's stocked in our expansive product line, which also includes other car brake parts from the industry's top brands.