Wagner Car Parts & Accessories

Stopping on a dime will never be a problem if you trust a brand such as Wagner. For decades now, the company has been creating high-quality braking components. When you check out its catalog, you'll find a wide array of brake components ranging from master cylinders and wheel end cylinders to brake hoses and cables, brake hardware, and brake fluids. All of these products are engineered and formulated to the highest standards to ensure their reliability.

Wagner is a brand of the world-renowned Federal Mogul, a 5.3-billion dollar manufacturer of top-caliber parts and accessories for passenger cars, light trucks, and heavy-duty vehicles. Aside from the automotive industry, it's also involved in power generation, aerospace, marine, and rail industries. Just like all parts crafted for brands under the Federal-Mogul umbrella, Wagner parts are manufactured using only the most sophisticated engineering techniques. Because of that, you can be certain that they'll last for the long haul.

All Wagner components are produced in Federal-Mogul's state-of-the-art construction facilities located in different parts of the world. Right now, you'll find manufacturing plants in Canada, Mexico, USA, Argentina, Brazil, and Thailand, among other countries. With its number of facilities and first-rate research and development team, the company is able to improve and produce new brake components to cover the needs of customers. In fact, it has recently produced the most technologically advanced brake pads in the world: the ThermoQuiet brake pads, which have laser-shaped friction material to lessen noise and optimize the braking force exerted by the caliper.

But whatever component you get from Wagner, you can be sure that it has passed the specifications set by the Society of Automotive Engineers and the Department of Transportation. With such high standards, it's no surprise that Wagner remains the top choice by most drivers and vehicle owners all over the world. And the best thing is Parts Train offers these amazing Wagner parts at affordable prices. So to enjoy optimum braking performance and road safety, invest in them right away.