WABCO Car Parts & Accessories

Braking is essential for the safe driving. Many accidents can occur if you use brakes that don't work properly. This is not only damaging to your vehicle but can also risk lives. And we're talking not only about your life here, but also the lives of others and the lives of your loved ones. Automotive damage can be repaired, but lives taken away cannot be restored. So if you want to protect your loved ones from harm, invest in WABCO parts. With parts from this brand, you are guaranteed to maximize the efficiency of your trucks, buses, and trailers.

When it comes to control and safety systems for commercial vehicles, WABCO is an indisputable name. It has made certain innovations when it comes to transmission, stability, and breaking systems which were first of its kind. It makes use of certain technologies which makes its products a cut above the rest. So whether you own a bus, a truck, or a trailer, using systems and components from WABCO is your best bet if you're looking for value for your money. If you want to decrease your risk of getting into accidents, investing in these parts is the way to go. Just imagine how much money you will be able to save by getting quality system parts and components.

Among the fine innovations it pioneered are as follows, the anti-lock braking system, automated manual transmission system, electronically controlled air suspension, and an autonomous emergency braking system. Just recently, it has created an autonomous emergency braking system which has successfully complied with the regulations of the European Union. That's quite a feat, huh? So it is clear that when it comes to braking and stability you're in good hands with WABCO. With its headquarters in Belgium, it boasts of a whopping $2.2 billion sales rate in 2010. Manufacturers must really trust this brand for it to be able to reach that level.

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