Volant Cold Air Intake & Accessories

If you've been around the performance truck parts marketplace for any length of time, you're probably familiar with what a cool air intake does. Cool air intakes, like the Volant air intake, siphon fresh air for your engine from outside the engine bay where it's cooler. Cooler air makes more power due to its density, and the Volant air intake sends that cool air through a completely smooth duct to the motor. Whether you're talking about Volant air intakes or other intakes, that's pretty much the story, right? Not quite. Volant air intakes take the process one step further. Each Volant cold air intake stashes the air filter inside of an insulated compartment. The cold air is drawn directly into the Volant air intake filter hidden in this compartment, filtered, and sent to the engine. By keeping the air filter in an insulated compartment, Volant air intakes keep the intake air that much cooler. Engine compartment heat is kept at bay much more efficiently with a Volant air intake, and the end result is more power and torque for you to play with. Volant air intakes are available for many popular trucks and SUVs, and some sport compact applications. So get the coldest air possible with a Volant air intake, and get the lowest prices possible on Volant air intakes right here.