Volant Air Filter & Accessories

High-performance air filters, like the Volant air filter, are a great addition to your vehicle...but you already knew that. But there's more to consider than filtration and air flow. A Volant air filter uses a pleated gauze material to strain out minute particles of dirt. And a Volant air filter flows up to 50% more air than a paper filter. But no one is talking about the water ingestion issue; at least no one except the folks at Volant air filters. You see, like with all high-flow air filters (and air intakes), when you've installed a Volant air filter, you need to be careful about getting water in your engine. But a Volant air filter gives you an extra measure of protection: the Volant air filter is treated with a water-repellent chemical. That means when water begins to work its way through a Volant air filter, it's stopped in its tracks. You keep the water out of your motor, and the dirt as well, with a performance Volant air filter. And we'll help you keep some money in your wallet with our great discount prices on Volant air filter products. All our Volant air filters are on the shelf and ready to send your way, so just click on your application and we'll take it from there.