Volant Car Parts & Accessories

Power and performance intake systems are what Volant is known for. It has made its name in the automotive industry of designing and manufacturing top-quality intake systems that are constantly tested and enhanced before all vehicle models and ECM systems become more sophisticated. It has continuously kept its pace to meet the growing demands of all vehicle enthusiasts for high performance intake systems. As a result, cutting edge designs and innovative features are integrated in all its air intake systems, providing every vehicle makes and models a consistent increase in horsepower and torque.

With Volant, you are guaranteed that the quality of all its auto components is superb. Every system is intensively engineered and is manufactured to follow strict quality and performance standards. All intake systems are constructed from stainless steel hardware with highly durable silicone sleeves that do not flex or distort even at the most extreme conditions. Not all intake systems are the same and savvy customers can determine which is better performing than the other. For this reason, Volant is exceptionally popular to customers with the expertise in intake systems.

Volant's big difference to all other intake systems is that, it has a unique method of producing power. All its intake systems have conical seals and high flow air filer mounted in a box which induces more air volume than factory units. This process leaves no chance for hot air to contaminate the intake charge of the engine. Other intake designs make use of shields to block hot air but not all of it is eradicated. That is why Volant incorporates practical features on all its intake components for your vehicle's peak engine performance.

A full line of Volant intake systems are available here at Parts Train. By browsing our online catalog, you can easily find the exact part for your particular vehicle make and model. Volant products also offer you accessory items for its intake systems like under body scoops, hoods, and high flow Mass Air Flow Sensors to further improve performance. For your most convenient shopping, our 24-hour online shopping store with customer service is always ready to serve you.