Ventshade Vent Visor & Accessories

By installing a Ventshade Vent Visor, you're able to keep you car's windows open without worrying about the rain, the sun's rays, or other types of debris coming in. This accessory is able to keep the said elements at bay, allowing you to enjoy fresh air while keeping your interior components dry and protected. Aside from letting you leave your windows open while blocking out rain and debris, the Ventshade Vent Visor helps minimize heat build-up inside your car. It can also reduce wind noise while you're speeding down the road. Now since the vent visor is placed outside your windows, it gets exposed to all types of harmful elements. To keep it from wearing out quickly, Ventshade constructed its vent visor using high impact modified acrylic. This gives the vent visor the durability it needs to withstand sun rays and debris. This accessory also has a smoked-gray finish which can help enhance your car's overall appearance. Ventshade also makes sure that its vent visor matches the contours of your vehicle so it can retain its aerodynamic capabilities. And for a hassle-free installation, each vent visor can be installed without the need drilling. All you need is to secure the vent visor in place using automotive tape. This makes the installation process a breeze and keeps you from boring holes onto your car's surface.