Ventshade Hood Scoop & Accessories

Don't you just love the soothing sensation that fresh air brings as it courses through your lungs? Clean air gives the body a refreshing and energizing feel. However, human beings are not the only ones who benefit from this. Just like you, cars also take in air. Air is one of the elements needed by your vehicle engine to run and operate well. Ventshade caters to this necessity by coming up with an accessory that helps air enter the engine bay for cooling purposes—the Ventshade hood scoop.

The hood scoop acts as an air vent. It directs outside air into your vehicle's engine compartment to maintain the ideal working temperature of the engine and its neighboring parts. The hood scoop helps your car achieve an enhanced engine performance. The air that passes through it helps the engine produce an increase in horsepower and give you more speed when driving by keeping it working well and safe from overheating. The Ventshade hood scoop works better during increased road speed since it allows outside air to come in at a faster rate. It is also normally placed on the elevated portion of the hood for the intake of more air.

Aside from helping improve the engine's performance, the Ventshade hood scoop also enhances the look of your vehicle. Do you like the cars featured in the movie "The Fast and the Furious"? Installing a hood scoop in your vehicle will take it a step closer to achieving the look of those race cars. The hood scoop is made from ABS polymer materials, making it durable and resistant to impacts and heat. Its installation is a piece of cake since no drilling is required. All you need to do is to use an OEM-approved 3M tape to set it firmly in place.

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