Ventshade Fender Flares & Accessories

Ventshade fender flares are one of the many vehicle accessories that are made available through Ventshade, which is one of the brands of Lund International, known throughout the world for their exceptional automotive product lines. Also called Auto Vent Shade, and sometimes referred to as AVS, Ventshade fender flares are made of a special ABS polymer that is lighter than fiberglass and polyurethane, which are often used for fender flares by other manufacturers, but is also very tough and durable, able to withstand the elements, even in their extremes. The ABS polymer is able to be custom painted to match the color of the vehicle, if preferred. Ventshade fender flares are typically very easy to install, requiring just a few minutes of your time and needing no risky body modification procedures, such as drilling. In our online catalog, featuring a wide variety of parts, accessories, performance upgrade options and customization kits, you're sure to find a set of Ventshade fender flares that will look great on your vehicle. In addition to being easily painted to be a custom match for your vehicle, Ventshade fender flares are available in different styles and widths. We make our Ventshade fender flares available at you at reasonable prices, sure to match most customization budgets. You can order your Ventshade fender flares online without concern for the security of your personal information, as we use up-to-date encryption methods that will keep that data safe. You can also dial our 24-hour toll-free telephone number and place your Ventshade fender flares order directly with one of our pleasant customer service professionals.