Venom Fuel Pump & Accessories

Fuel injection system has been recognized when the carburetors was replaced with fuel injectors. From the fuel tank, the injector will allow the flow of the fuel to the combustion chamber. Its sprays the fuel to the combustion chamber on a certain time. The carburetor works differently, it uses a vacuum that drags the fuel to the combustion chamber of the engine. Aside form the fuel injector, another important device included in the fuel injection system is the fuel pump. The fuel pump like the Venom fuel pump is the one that drives the fuel from the tank to the fuel injector. This pump is controlled by an electronic control module (ECM) in which also does the control of other moving components in the entire vehicle system. The fuel pump is found inside the fuel tank while early mechanical fuel pump is mounted inside the engine compartment. The fuel pump is about three to four inches in height and six to eight inches wide. This also comes cylindrical in shape. Maintaining the pump's condition perfectly is important for its function is involved with the fuel. Fuel is considered as the basic need for vehicles before it should start its function. When the fuel pump is broken, there will be no power to be produced since the engine will not receive any fuel to be burn. And so if your stock fuel pump does not work accurately, making the car start will be very difficult to attain. Moreover, this condition could result to an increase in fuel use, slow acceleration, rough idle condition, and slow throttle response. So if you want to avoid this trouble, be certain of its condition. And if replacement is what actually you need, trust only the product that comes from us, a Venom fuel pump.