Venom Car Parts & Accessories

Venom was introduced in the automotive market in 1998 for providing performance OEM fuel injection products. It has also made it name as one of the leading sources of high quality control modules, computerized nitrous system, intake manifolds and all other high performance products ideal for all vehicles. All its performance products follow strict manufacturing standards before it is released in the market. Extensive dyno and track testing with a large multitude of vehicle makes and models are conducted to ensure that all its auto products are functioning at their peak for your driving satisfaction.

Venom manufactures all its fuel injector products in house. It has the capacity to build it at any specified flow rate from 19/lbs/hr to 180 lbs/hr. Electromagnetic coils are molded together with an aerospace grade polymer, injection molding, and copper winding. It comes complete with bushings, O-rings, and filter baskets. It provides balance and perfect fit to any vehicle makes and models. When equipped in your vehicle, it can give you an increased flow rate and atomization resulting to an increased engine performance. It guarantees long-term durability since it is held at +/-1.5% of their nominal pound/flow. The O-rings are made from advanced polymer preventing it from an untimely o-ring failure. With this fuel injector, maximum fuel distribution is ensured for all engine-operating conditions.

Venom has constantly evolved through the years by manufacturing practical and innovative auto products that will meet the changing demands of its costumers. It has continuously provided new concepts on its performance auto products for human benefit. This is particularly evident on its nitrous system. This system is designed with the Venom's patented closed loop fuel control system. This is responsible for allowing proper air-fuel ratios under all operating conditions. This features an advanced microprocessor based control module which automatically stops the flow of nitrous whenever the air-fuel mixture becomes too lean. This can give you incremental advantages on engine power and emission control.

Here at Parts Train, we supply an extensive line of Venom auto products. We guarantee you that all our Aftermarket and OEM auto parts and accessories are made to meet or exceed strict quality standards for your satisfaction.