Undercover Tonneau Cover & Accessories

If there's one brand that can produce a real tough tonneau cover, it's definitely Undercover. Gone are the days of heavy, awkward fiberglass covers when Undercover has come and changed the face of the industry. Fiberglass covers have been the standard for most truck hard covers those days. But Undercover came out with an idea that there's still a way to make strong cover that doesn't weigh so much, the Undercover tonneau covers that give trucks attractive appearance and reliable bed protection all at same time.

Undercover tonneau cover is made from advanced ABS polymers, making it lighter, stronger and more cost-effective. The ABS polymers are specially designed to resist scratching. Undercover tonneau cover also utilizes a proprietary plastic material that is very weather-able, does not fade and is very mar-resistant. This material is 'co-extruded' with the advanced ABS plastic substrate material which is intended to create 20 mil thick layers on all surfaces exposed to the harmful elements. The cover is specifically designed to weigh less than any hard cover on the market and it's easier to remove and store.

Some truck owners would rather leave their truck beds uncovered than installing hard tonneau cover that usually makes hauling larger items quite a hard task. Good thing there is an Undercover tonneau cover that is easy to install, requiring only 15 minutes bolt-on process with no drilling or measuring necessary. Plus, this can be hanged up and out of the way with the included wall-mount hardware. It also features a multi-point seal, custom fit and duel stainless steel locks. You must be surprised with this amazing cover that you can have soon through Parts Train. Start browsing in our comprehensive online catalog, and cover up your truck bed with the best Undercover tonneau cover available. Also find wide array of stylish auto accessories as well as performance parts here at Parts Train.