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Truxedo has been committed in manufacturing world class and innovative tonneau covers for all truck models for more than 50 years. It has continuously provided new tarping concepts that emphasize optimal operator safety and convenience. Product quality, durability, and style are surely guaranteed to be delivered in every truck. Truxedo has manufactured a wide variety of roll-up tops, low profile roll-up, and the combination roll-up toolbox tonneau covers perfect for all your everyday driving needs.

With the Tuxedo Tonneau cover, you can preserve the quality and life of your truck bed. Since it is made to spread and cover your entire bed area, rain, dirt, and all other road elements is restricted from accumulating in the back of your truck. Also, it can maximize the truck bed's area, allowing greater space for hauling cargos. This is especially useful for securing your expensive and delicate cargos from all road hazards. This provides full protection on your precious loads preventing it from prying eyes as well as from harsh weather conditions.

Improving your truck's fuel mileage can be delivered by the Truxedo Tonneau covers. It can make the bed area more aerodynamic and thus, allowing the gushing air to flow smoothly across the back of your truck. It has especially designed latching mechanisms with the Velcro technology to provide full strength and support on the entire tonneau cover. A spring loaded tension system is applied to control the constant tension on the front bed structure, allowing it to be tightly sealed. Exclusive corner and weather seals are also featured to keep all road elements out.

Truxedo has developed a variety of tonneau covers ideal for your needs. These include the Truxedo Low Profile Soft Roll-up tonneau cover, Truxedo Truxport, Truxedo Tonneau cover, Truxedo Plus 2-in-1 toolbox and Tonneau cover. All these are tailored fit to precisely mount in your truck bed area's dimensions. Choose the best Truxedo product here at Parts Train. You can easily acquire the perfect tonneau cover ideal for your model on our online catalog. For more of your auto needs, our 24-hour online shopping store with accommodating customer service will always be open to serve you.