Trico Wiper Blade & Accessories

With a Trico Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay, you'll have your windshield cleaned in no time. What's great about this Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay is that it does its task without leaving any permanent markings on your windshield. That's because the blade applies an even pressure every time it moves across the windshield's surface. Now to help you get the Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay that's right for your ride, Trico developed five types of Wiper Blade, Wiper Relays for you to choose from. First is the Trico Exact Fit, which as its name implies, it fits perfectly into your vehicle's wiper arm. It is made out of metal to make it more resistance to wear and tear. This enhanced durability makes this product better than your standard Wiper Blade, Wiper Relays. Second is the NeoForm Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay. Considered as Trico's high-performance blade, it has a number of blade pressure points that helps it achieve a smoother wiping. This Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay comes with an aerofoil design that prevents strong winds from detaching it from your windshield. Third is the Oktane Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay, a purely metallic blade built with an aerodynamic spoiler. This blade cleans your windshield's surface without making any noise. It also has a low profile that reduces wind lift if you happen to be driving at high speeds. Fourth is Trico's Winter Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay. Perfect for the winter season, this Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay easily gets rid of snow and ice that ordinary wipers find it difficult to do. The last on the list is Trico's Classic Wiper Blade, Wiper Relay, which is specially made for vintage cars. This blade provides an efficient clean while capturing the look of the classic Wiper Blade, Wiper Relays.