Transwheel Wheel & Accessories

Transwheel had begun its operation in 1992, and since then its dedication to provide customers the highest quality products, unsurpassed service and competitive pricing are proven through the years. It's no wonder; Transwheel has earned the distinction of becoming a leading provider of replacement wheels, distributing its products to different markets around the globe. That is the reason why Transwheel has now become one of the most popular names when it comes to highly reliable wheels.

Transwheel wheel when combined with the rotation of the axle, allows you to get the ability of moving enough loads in any direction. This isn't just multi-directional wheel, but also a keyway that can be used as a powered conveyor. The wheel is uniquely designed by Transwheel with eight free-turning rollers placed at 90 degrees to the axle around the wheel's periphery. The body rollers, center axle and sprockets are crafted from high strength plastic, while the outer roller axles are crafted from stainless steel with a low friction coating. Such design is intended to resist corrosion and at the same time permits steam cleaning, water immersion and other activities that bring harshness to the wheel. Included in Transwheel wheel features are its self-lubricating properties that eliminate the need for oil or grease.

Transwheel wheel is manufactured to strict tolerances to ensure that it meets the highest standard set for Transwheel products. It is available in different combinations of polished spokes and trim rings for you to choose from. Transwheel is so confident in its products and services, and the Transwheel wheel is sure to provide you with satisfaction mile after mile. Should you seek for Transwheel presence on your auto, continue browsing Parts Train. No other store can beat the completeness of stock we have in store. In just a matter of few clicks, the perfect Transwheel wheel for your automobile can be yours already.