Transwheel Car Parts & Accessories

The Transwheel Corporation has been in operation since the year 1992. The corporation dedicated itself in giving their clients with high quality products and services, at competitive pricings. They have provided the automotive market with hundreds of thousands of replacement wheels and hub caps. They produce two most common types of wheels available in the market, the machine casting wheels and the stamped sheet metal wheels. The cast alloy wheels like the aluminum wheels are firmer, lighter and more expensive than the stamped sheet metal wheels. But the wheels that are more commonly used on the vehicles we see on the road are the stamped sheet metal ones because they are cheaper since they are mass produced. However, the alloy wheels have a better edge in terms of handling abilities. They also can withstand the high heat produced by the brake pads.

The Transwheel wheels are manufactured from the highest quality of materials and they come with full warranty. Upon installing the new Transwheel wheels, it is imperative to have the wheel assembly professionally balanced and mounted so as to ensure that the new wheels will wear evenly. The Transwheel wheels are sophisticatedly designed that encourages many vehicle owners to invest in them. The Transwheel wheels are available in a variety of specifications so you can choose the wheels that can perfectly match your application of vehicle. They have different dimensions, types and made from different classes of materials that will cater the different needs of the vehicle and its owner.

Because of their function, the wheels tend to wear out much faster compared to the other components in the vehicle. So if you are in need of new and better performance wheels, the Transwheel brand will best suit your vehicle. If you are looking for Transwheel products, you can easily find them here at Parts Train. Parts Train is one of the most reliable dealers of Transwheel products throughout the market today. You can find the best deals of Transwheel products here. Just browse our online catalog for Transwheel wheels that will match the application of your vehicle. We will be at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can place your orders at a time most convenient for you.