TransDapt Windage Tray & Accessories

One of the auto parts brands which have been around for some decades now is TransDapt. TransDapt came from two words: transmission and adapter. It is best known for high-quality transmission adapters, but also produces other premium automotive parts and accessories like a TransDapt windage tray. A lot of auto owners and enthusiasts look for dependable auto part brands. If you are one of them, TransDapt is for you. With its high-quality products, TransDapt has become a top choice among vehicle owners who want reliable auto parts for their cars.

TransDapt is also a known brand for oil filtration products, high-technology carburetors, and advanced-designed EFI spacers and engine swap motor mounts. It customizes auto products and over a thousand auto parts and accessories for various types of vehicles as well as marine applications. TransDapt is one name that can be truly trusted when it comes to ultimate vehicle performance. Its products spell the company's superiority on performance, development, and research. Not to mention the company's commitment to offer the latest and superior-quality auto products.

Among these products is the TransDapt windage tray. The windage tray can be found between the crankshaft and the oil pan. It provides horsepower savings and maximum oil control. The windage tray makes sure that air flows properly in the crankcase, helping oil easily enter the sump. This engine component also keeps the oil from reaching the rotating assembly. Various windage tray designs are available in the market today. Depending on the performance you want to achieve, there is a TransDapt windage tray specifically made for your car.

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