TransDapt Throttle Body Spacer & Accessories

A performance automotive product specialist, TransDapt offers performance parts for hot rods, sport trucks, street rods, muscle cars, 4x4 trucks, and motorhomes. It also manufactures race parts for circle trucks and drag racing applications. TransDapt boasts its superior quality and performance throttle body spacer that renders automobiles an increased torque, better fuel efficiency, 50 state legal, quicker throttle response, and easy installation. These TransDapt throttle body spacer are available in various designs and can easily be found in the market. The torque curve design of TransDapt throttle body spacer increases air intake volume and velocity, as well as conditions the air at the throttle blade for higher performance gains. As soon as you have TransDapt throttle body spacer on your auto unit, you'll immediately experience better throttle response and achieve greater torque. Ideal for tow vehicles, the wide-open plenum design throttle body spacer improves mid-end to high-end torque. This original design, smooth bore spacer also increases intake volume and velocity for mild performance increases. The slotted port design on the other hand, creates a vortex that's capable of providing better air/fuel mixture for greatly improved low-to-mid range torque. Another excellent feature of TransDapt throttle body spacer is the ability to translate the improved combustion efficiency into better fuel economy. Whatever TransDapt throttle body spacer design you choose, you are sure to get an increased plenum volume and air velocity for respectable horsepower and torque gains throughout the entire RPM range of your vehicle. Where else can you find a throttle body spacer that gives off everything for your satisfaction? Of course, TransDapt bears such excellence. And to make sure you only get the genuine TransDapt throttle body spacer, run only to a reputable online store like us. Here at our car and truck parts and accessory store, you'll experience convenient shopping with assured quick service and secured transaction.