TransDapt Rocker Panel & Accessories

Did you know that the rocker panel is one of the cheapest auto parts in the market? Yes, as a matter of fact, even the bus and truck drivers usually come equipped with an extra rocker panel if ever they need to replace the existing one. But just like all other auto parts, frequent inspection of the part is essential in order to keep the vehicle's good operation. And when replacement is necessary, trust only the respected names such as the TransDapt. It's among the brands that exude superiority and performance. Built from the best material, you know that you get the best satisfaction when you equip your vehicle with TransDapt rocker panel.

A number of parts are normally situated at the body panel, and one of which is the rocker panel. The rocker panel is considered to be the lowest panel on both sides of your vehicle. It is a three to four-inch piece of metal which is usually found at the bottom part of your vehicle's body just beneath the doors. Also, it is coated with chrome plating and rock-proof protection or other materials to complement with the exterior surface of the sides. Furthermore, side skirts and mud flaps are attached to the rocker panel. The side skirts are usually intended as aesthetic element by giving your vehicle a lowered look. The mud flaps can be used to act as protection to the rocker panels, doors, and fenders.

And when the time comes that you need a replacement rocker panel, consider the TransDapt rocker panel featured here at Parts Train. We stock wide selection of TransDapt rocker panels that are guaranteed of high-quality. Parts Train also features other TransDapt products such bolts, brackets, pulleys, alignment kits, harmonic balancer, cold air intakes, differential parts, engine parts, throttle parts, and many more.