TransDapt Radiator Support & Accessories

A perfect functioning automobile should come equip with the finest parts such as the TransDapt radiator support. When you drive your vehicle even under extreme circumstances, you know you have your vehicle built up for such conditions, because TransDapt is the brand that equals performance and quality. TransDapt is a highly regarded manufacturer that specializes in the demand of more reliable auto parts for extreme performance. The stock radiator support of your vehicle is undoubtedly premium in quality. However, not all stock parts are meant for extreme driving conditions. So when you desire of a more exhilarating ride, replace the existing unit with the TransDapt radiator support.

As the name implies, the radiator support serves as a support or reinforcement to the radiator by means of functioning as a bracket. As we all know, brackets are used to hold a certain device in place properly. Radiator support is basically a metal frame that is situated in the front part of your vehicle's body. The radiator support panel is located at the back of the radiator grille where it holds the radiator and joins the mudguard skirts at their front rim. Typical radiator support assembly should contain nine major components: four on the upper part and five on the lower portion. These include the upper tie bar, support panel, hood latch support, lower crossmember, and many more.

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