TransDapt Pilot Bearing & Accessories

Efficiency during the operation of your vehicle will not be possible without the various parts working perfectly. A number of parts are designed for specific reasons, however, we tend to disregard some parts especially those of simple use. And one of such part we usually ignore is the pilot bearing. The pilot bearing is the component that sits in a hole at the end of the engine's crankshaft to serve relevant tasks. When this part wears out, expect the performance of your vehicle to undermine as well. During such circumstance, replacement of the part should be a priority. And the TransDapt pilot bearing will be a wise choice.

The pilot bearing is particularly designed to offer a low-friction support in the end of the transmission's input shaft thereby reducing pressure as well. A number of designs of pilot bearings are incorporated in a variety of vehicles. The three most common designs are the roller bearing, needle bearing, and bronze bushing. Pilot bearings often wear out when the transmission-mounting bolts become loose. During such incident, the input shaft from the transmission moves around too much to the point where it puts excessive strain to the pilot bearing, subsequently causing it to wear fast.

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