TransDapt Oil Pump Primer & Accessories

Lubrication is a crucial process necessary in every vehicle. As we all know, the constant heat and pressure from within your vehicle will eventually take its toll. That is why some parts are constantly lubricated to prevent its abrupt deterioration. But for this to happen, oil is circulated around vehicle parts. The particular oil circulated around engine parts is carried out by the oil pan. And within the oil pan, you can find the oil pump primer. When any of these parts acquire damage, lubrication may fail. Imagine how the various parts of the engine function without lubricant. They will easily die down to constant pressure, heat, and hard operation. In such case, immediately find replacement. And for worn out oil pump primer, the TransDapt oil pump primer is the best solution.

The oil pump primer is vital in the lubrication as it is designed to prime the lubricating system of a newly built engine before it gets started. Your TransDapt oil pump primer is designed for such function with the added durability you can expect, especially when teamed with the other TransDapt oil pan parts. The motor used by the prime is usually filled with oil upon its first use. Some primer comes with a triangular non-slip drive tip, black oxide coated shaft, and a pressure bushing for the lubrication of the upper valve train.

Your TransDapt oil pump primer is designed with quality in mind so expect a longer mileage of functionality. But when you need to get a new one, you know the auto parts shop catered for this particular reason. Truly, Parts Train has been the clear cut choice of auto enthusiasts who demand quality and performance parts. You don't want to compromise quality for affordability, so trust only Parts Train for your oil pan primer need.