TransDapt Oil Filter Relocation & Accessories

Did you know that you can move the oil filter from its stock location with your engine to another spot? Perhaps this might be less of a concern for you. But what if you've lowered your car or truck significantly to the point where the oil filter might smash against the ground? Besides that, isn't it hard to service the oil filter especially during an oil change? All the more reason you need to relocate your oil filter. And when you've finally decided for an oil filter relocation kit, search for nothing but the TransDapt oil filter relocation.

An oil filter relocation kit will aid you in moving the oil filter of your vehicle away from the engine to a more suitable location such as the engine compartment. In this way, oil filter changes will be quick and easy. In the market, you can opt for a universal relocation kit or vehicle/engine-specific kit. There are also some that offers sandwich adapters and spin-on adapters. The sandwich adapter is placed in between oil filter and the engine to allow the filter to keep its default location. The spin-on adapter is installed in place of the oil filter to transform the filter landing into an oil passage. In addition, consumers can choose between a single and dual oil filter mounts. The dual oil filter mount differs on the former because of its double filtration capability, which is ideal to use on vehicles with high-volume oil systems.

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