TransDapt Master Cylinder Cover & Accessories

Is there a spillage of break fluid from under your vehicle's hood? Then maybe you should suspect the master cylinder. Try looking around the master cylinder and look for any possible wear or damage. Most of the time, this kind of trouble is due to a worn out master cylinder cover. In such case, you need service of the TransDapt master cylinder cover. When you get a genuine TransDapt master cylinder cover, you know you are making a great choice. Your stock master cylinder cover is designed for average drivers who usually drive along less intense conditions. So if you demand parts made for intense driving, TransDapt is the brand you should count on.

Through use and time, every part in your vehicle suffers damage which may be unnoticeable in the beginning. As the wear gets severe, failures and irregularities will be felt with the operation or with the overall performance of the vehicle. Another common effect of such deterioration is leakage. And when the master cylinder cover has leaks in it, brake fluid will spill out, risking the efficiency of the brakes and wheel operation. The brake fluid we are talking about is the fluid that the master cylinder is in great use of. The master cylinder is the device that is primarily responsible for the operation of your vehicle's brake calipers and wheel cylinders. So you definitely want your master cylinder to be in tip-top condition at all times. The leaks from the cover can be due to a number of reasons. It can be because of a bent or loose cover, but sometimes, tightening the cover excessively can be the cause of leaks too. Replacing the master cylinder cover and o-ring can offer the solution.

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