TransDapt Header Bolt & Accessories

TransDapt manufactures header bolt as auxiliary locking points when used with a deadlock. It is used as a third locking point at the top of the inactive door leaf in a pair of aluminum or glass storefront doors. It is being actuated by the upward throw of the lock bolt and engages the strike cut-out in the header above the door. TransDapt header bolt needs a variety of premium grade bolt and stud kits to facilitate installation of header bolt.

TransDapt manufactured the header bolt studs by using a unique nut-starter nose that helps prevent cross-threading. TransDapt header bolt comes either in black oxide chrome or stainless 300, both of rated 170,000 PSI. TransDapt header bolt is also perfect for any racer who desires the ultimate in security, for it is drilled for use of safety wire. It is available for small block and big block vehicle engines and many universal applications. Thus, whatever type of engine you got there under your hood, TransDapt can provide your needed header bolt.

One good thing about TransDapt header bolt is that it uses the material which is corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for any application. Plus, the compact 12-point nut lets you easily slip a socket close to the pipe. This seems really great because a bolt kit includes the specific number of parts for your application and also the premium quality washers and hex or 12-point nuts required. You can have it all when you start finding TransDapt header bolt here at Parts Train. Besides header bolts, the other excellent products manufactured by TransDapt are as well available in this store. They come in wide variations to cover the needs of different cars, vans, trucks and SUVs. So if you need TransDapt header bolt, start bolting to Parts Train's hassle-free online catalog to see it yourself.