TransDapt Flexplate & Accessories

The association of different auto parts is crucial for the efficiency of your vehicle's performance. When you need to set up your vehicle for an intense road trek, you make sure that the parts you put can go just about anywhere without much complaint. Whether on or off-road trails, you want to put yourself in a circumstance where you can push your vehicle to the limit. Hence, you need a TransDapt flexplate. Made with the finest technology and created by the expert design team, TransDapt has long been specializing on performance parts that will set your vehicle apart from ordinary. With the TransDapt flexplate, you know that you have the part built for serious driving and ready for any competition.

The flexplate, also known as flywheel, is usually found on cars with automatic transmission or transaxles. It is a stamped-steel disc that engages with the starter pinion gear through a ring gear situated at the outer edge. It is attached to the engine's crankshaft where a torque converter can be mounted as well. The primary purpose of the flexplate is to transmit engine torque to the torque converter housing. On vehicles that utilize a flexplate, the torque converter has no ring gear because the flexplate itself has a ring gear built on it. The ring gear, found on the flexplate, functions as an engagement point for the pinion of the starter motor. Flexplates, in general, do not need frequent maintenance. Either the ring gear or the flexplate itself may withstand damage during the operation. When this happens, the gear or the flexplate may need replacement.

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