TransDapt Engine Oil Cooler & Accessories

Heat exchange is a concept telling your vehicle has to remove unnecessary thermal energy that might cause it damage. As the temperature of the engine changes, it can readily wear out engine parts. The cooling system facilitates in keeping the ideal level of temperature necessary for the engine's operation. The system basically works by exchanging heat from one object to another to dissipate the excess heat. Nowadays, you can find a variety of heat exchanging devices due to the demand for better and more efficient cooling system. And if you are one of those demanding enthusiast, you might just run into the TransDapt engine oil cooler.

As most of us know, engine cooling and heating is the process of keeping the engine's temperature at the most desirable level. But did you know that the engine oil needs to be cooled too? Excessive heat from the oil can be dangerous and can wear the engine rapidly. That is why the engine oil cooler must eliminate such heat. This is done by transferring excess heat to the engine cooling system where it will be disposed. On the other hand, oil coolers are also designed as oil heaters too. If the surrounding temperature is extremely cold, the cooling system transfers heat through the oil cooler. Oil coolers are normally situated on the outside part of diesel engines.

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