TransDapt Engine Mount & Accessories

Have you experienced engine rattling during a ride? If so, do you know what causes such abnormality? As soon as you get back home, you opened the hood and started looking around. You inspected the spark plug wires, circuitry, intake air tube clamps, and vacuum lines yet nothing seems to be out of place. Try to look at the radiator. If there are marks because of the cooling fan hitting against it, then there is a big possibility that the struts and mounts are the ones causing trouble. Before any serious thing happens, have a mechanic check the part. If the condition of the mount is beyond repair, replacing it with the TransDapt engine mount is the best solution.

A number of parts must be connected to the chassis for it to function. The component which allows various parts to be mounted against the frame is your engine mount. Similar to a joint, mounts keep the proper positioning of various parts while allowing them to rotate at the same time. In addition, they are capable of reducing vibrations and noises produced from your vehicle's frame as well. The engine mount is specifically designed to hold the engine in place. It is commonly made of steel, rubber, or a combination of both. Today, mounts are precisely engineered to consider a number of factors. These include the shape, hardness of the rubber, and air gaps. There are even some designs which make use of hydraulic wherein chambers are filled with silicone fluid.

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