TransDapt Differential Cover Gasket & Accessories

Leaks are common auto troubles vehicle owners occasionally run into. The heavy strain your auto parts engage with constantly will eventually take its toll. For this reason, you must frequently check the parts which may cause the leak such as covers, gaskets, and tanks. Or better yet, you can opt for high-performing parts which can offer mileage of reliable operation which far surpasses your stock parts. One such auto part is the TransDapt differential cover gasket. With the name TransDapt, you can be certain that the parts you install in your vehicle are made with quality in mind.

The differential is among the parts that requires proper lubrication. The differential has a cover that allows the continuous flow of the differential fluid especially under severe service to lubricate the part. Typical differential cover has two indentions on the sides that are in line directly to the axle tubes. The two indentions allow oil to flow through the axles and outer bearings. So basically, these holes are designed for two main functions. One, they aid in lubrication to feed the outer axle bearings. The second function is that they can serve as case spreader to extend the case for modification. But in order to allow the oil to pass through these holes, the differential cover gasket must have the same amount of holes as well. The two holes from the gasket are designed to be in line with the indentions of the cover for the oil to flow freely into the axle tubes.

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