TransDapt Differential Cover & Accessories

Are you familiar with the differential of your car? The differential is located in the middle point of the driving wheels, for both the front and rear portion of the vehicle. It allows you to give out the power that was generated from the transmission shaft to a pair of left-right wheels. At the same time, the differential enables the wheels of your car to engage in a rotating movement at different speed rates. Its location underneath the vehicle body subjects it to a lot of impact and heat which can weaken the fluids and its components. With a TransDapt differential cover you provide protection and raise the fluid capacity of your car.

There are many designs of differential covers, but TransDapt has a stand out in the Cleargearz Polycarbonate differential covers. From the name itself, it is crafted from a transparent polycarbonate material that is highly resistant to impact. It employs the same components used in manufacturing bullet-proof glasses. It offers an easier way for you to check the oil levels of the differential gears, inspect abnormal wear, or check for the presence of water or other debris. It uses a powder coated steel mounting flange that makes it durable and also offers an excellent cool look when installed. TransDapt is one of the automotive performance product specialist in the market that uses technology and innovative ideas in their creations.

Equip you ride with a heavy-duty yet stylish TransDapt differential cover which you can purchase at Parts Train. Aside from that we also have other performance parts and accessories in our catalogue that you can install in your car. You can get all the details that you want without getting out of your house. We have a secure and user-friendly web site that enables you to experience a convenient and easy shopping experience. Purchase orders can be made directly online or you can call our toll-free hotline if you have any problems. Our customer service reps will be glad to be of service to you.