TransDapt Crankshaft Pulley & Accessories

The crankshaft is an important part of your engine that is responsible for converting reciprocating linear movement into rotation. It is attached to the flywheel and lessens the pounding movement of a four-stroke cycle. It may contain a torsional damper at opposite end to reduce the pulsation that is caused by the cylinders on the crankshaft's entire length. If you want to add to the performance of the crankshaft, you can modify it with a TransDapt crankshaft pulley. The pulley is connected to the other end from the flywheel. Its location in the engine compartment is just outside the crankcase. Its main function is to initiate the function of the generator or alternator by means of a belt.

The TransDapt crankshaft pulley enhances the performance of your ride by lessening the parasitic drag that is due to the presence of belt-driven accessories. This chrome-plated steel pulley is lightweight and reduces rotational mass. The result is more torque and horsepower. It is engineered to achieve the perfect combination of balance and weight to counter harmonic dampening which can be harmful to the engine. A damaged crankshaft pulley can lead to dips in alternator voltage or can cause your AC system to malfunction. This can cause certain parts in your car that are dependent on electricity to loose their power. You may not be able to use your stereo or your headlights might not be producing the same quality of brightness that you expect them to have.

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