TransDapt Cold Air Intake & Accessories

One way to improve the performance of your engine without robbing you of precious bucks is to equip your ride with a TransDapt cold air intake. Not everything is about the amount of air intake in your car. Although the more air that enters results in horsepower gain, this could also mean a raise in the fuel consumption department. This is because the air temperature employs power, which the car also needs and also the reason why engine generates more. As more power is gained so does the level of fuel being consumed. The TransDapt cold air intake can cancel this problem out.

The engine of your car is largely dependent on the correct proportion of air and fuel during the internal combustion process. The engine has an air box and an intake tube. As the air passes through the air box it undergoes filtration process through the filter which is located inside. The intake tube is designed with numerous bends to allow the quiet delivery of air into the combustion chamber. The air that passes has a high heat level and produces a rich combustion that makes power generation somewhat difficult. If you have a TransDapt cold air intake, more horsepower is generated and at the same time throttle response also progresses. It has a wider diameter to allow a more effective performance and does not put too much pressure on your engine. Because of this you get better fuel mileage for your vehicle.

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