TransDapt Alternator Pulley & Accessories

The alternator is an important part of the electrical system of your car. Its main function is to produce direct current which is needed for recharging the battery in your vehicle. All the electrical loads are being supplied by the battery, without it you cannot produce the necessary voltage in order for other electrical parts to perform efficiently. The alternator is composed of the rotor, a rectifier assembly, brushes, and the pulley. The alternator pulley is the only part that is not enclosed inside the alternator's aluminum housing. Once it is damaged it can affect the performance of the alternator. You need to get a quality replacement such as the TransDapt alternator pulley.

TransDapt is the automotive product specialist that carries various performance parts for trucks, four-wheel drives, motor homes, and drag racing applications among others. TransDapt alternator pulley is crafted from quality materials to achieve excellent durability and strength. It greatly helps in ensuring belt retention during high-speed acceleration. It is manufactured from heavy-duty steel with a chrome finish. It uses a V-belt pulley style and has a one-piece groove. You can install it using the bolt-on system and it comes complete with all the necessary hardware. The TransDapt alternator pulley helps improve the output of the alternator. An inefficient alternator can cause erratic engine operation, poor light illumination, failed voltage regulator, and a discharged battery.

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